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Building an effective user experience design


Between the LUCID Frameworks and Creating an Effective User Experience Design

Businesses nowadays are beginning to place more emphasis on user experience than ever before. It has gradually taken up its deservedly significant role as one of the major deciders in the way businesses are being done today.

Although companies have been inclined to the organization-centric form of UX, the shift to a more customer-focused approach is now the order of the day.

It is not surprising that people are now taking this proactive approach to UX design. It, after all, embodies all of the processes involved in carefully designing a product’s usability. This, of course, plays a large role in determining customers experience and satisfaction from using such products or services.


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Optimizing customer experiences demands full commitment, flexibility, and consistency. The LUCID Framework embodies everything a good UX should be and will be the focus of our discussion in the next parts of this blog.

The LUCID Framework: A Brief Overview

LUCID, the Logical User-Centered Interaction Design which was developed by Cognetics Corporation as an approach to interface design has today become the framework by which the processes involved in designing a user-friendly interface can be managed. The LUCID Framework has since become a worldwide thing and it sets forth to achieve four lucid goals;

  • First is to provide the framework within which UI designers can operate while employing the best practices
  • To create the synergy between software design methodologies and design/usability activities
  • To support the adoption of a user-centered approach to interface design, and
  • To ultimately enhance the ease of use or usability of the finished design

The LUCID Framework depends strongly on and advocates the incorporation of the five ‘’E’’s into interface design. This principle specifies that interfaces be designed in such a way that users will benefit from its; Effectiveness, Engagement, Efficiency, Ease of Learning, and Error Tolerance.

How the LUCID Framework Works

The LUCID Framework is organized into six distinct stages which can either be integrated with other software engineering methodologies or as a stand-alone methodology when it comes to small product development efforts.

These stages include;

  • Envision
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Refine
  • Implement
  • Support

All of the stages, from the Envision stage where everything is initiated, down to the Support phase where support is rolled out after product release work synergistically to successfully complete the design.

However, before you could use the LUCID Framework, you must have;

  • Identified a need
  • Build corporate support for the project, and
  • Assemble a design team

Unfortunately, as much as over two-thirds of projects end up unsuccessful as a result of lack of user acceptance.

Design Principles for a Better User Experience

The following are the generally accepted principles for building a good user interface design;

  • Good user interface should be consistent at all stages
  • Should be less-tasking on human memory
  • Should be able to generate a feedback that is quite informative
  • Should give the user complete control
  • Should follow a general model that is fully consistent
  • Should have the software designed in relation to the workflow, and
  • Should design for simplicity in a way that eliminates difficulties and complexities

Perhaps you need a Web UI/UX Design that will greatly improve your customer experience? It’s quite understandable how impactful this can be to your business success. You can reach out to us here at Jarcalin Web Solutions for this and many more of your web and mobile solutions.

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