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Get A Great ROI For Your First Online Business WebSite?

As a website designer and SEO consultant I work with many clients, but I also talk with business owners, and on a regular basis I see that people don’t have a clue about what they should have as a website and how the website can help them to get more businesses. They even not sure and know what they want but they don’t realize the need for pre-planning the website structure and content of a web site in today’s search engine technology, that the Internet – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

That led me to write this article. I trust it will help new business owners in making an online business is to preplan before they jump right into creating an online business model and website.

There are step-by-step solutions which I think is very important to online business website success.

Step #1 – Target Group and market, finding your best prospects can be the difference between earning pennies and hundred.

Researching your ideal target group and market is so important that it should be step 1, 2 and 3. New online business owners don’t seem to focus their attention on their target audiencea to drive the website toward ranking the website, instead they seem to think that if they build it people will come naturally thru natural offline method.

Your target group and market is all important in online business success and for that reason it should be part of all pre-planning steps in your business. Without a target group and customer you are just wasting your time and cluttering the Internet with more pages that will never be seen because it is not index by the search engine.

Okay so the first step is to know your target group and focus market. Learn all you can about them, because the more you know the more likely you will be to find more ways to sell to them. Plus you will be able to find complimentary products that your target audience would like.

Knowledge is POWER, but only if you apply the knowledge you gain to your Internet marketing and offline marketing for your business.

Step #2 – Keywords and Phrases your best prospect uses to find what you sell and what ther are interested and we can provide that for free at Malaysia SEO Company.

Your new online business web site will need to be keyword and content focused for best results. Spend plenty of time learning the keywords and phrases that your best prospect would type into a search engine text box to find exactly what they want.

Learn how to contact your target group and market to ask them some questions through surveys. The time you spend on learning your target audience will be time well spent and remember that your time is worth money. Everything comes down to your ROI – Return On Investment.

The more you learn about the customers the more you can earn, it is as simple as that.

Step #3 – Competition can be a online business destroyer if you are not prepared for it, but learning what they do can actually put you ahead of them in the major search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing.

If you take the time now to learn who you are competing with you will spend far less time and money.So you see the time you spend at the beginning in pre planning your online business web site will be a much better ROI than trial and error strategies.

Find your competitor’s websites and learn all you can about their use of keywords and phrases they use to attract their target group. You will also want to view their source code to discover what keywords they use in their title, description and keyword tags and vistors data.

Step #4 – Find sites that compliment your site and products such as the example in our Malaysia SEO Services.

Again your competitors can help you succeed. You can learn about web ites with products and services that would compliment your products and services and that means more income for you.

If you are selling cars you might just want links on your site that would show your prospects how they could improve the appearance or performance of their car.

Always try to make it a win-win situation. You provide the best products and services you can and in turn your target group will come back to your site and buy from you. Plus they will follow the links you have to more products and services.

So like I said from the start…

1. Know your target group and market.
2. Learn the keywords your target group uses to find what you provide in the internet.
3. Study your competitors and do what they do for success and then go one step further using the reverse SEO method.
4. Find sites that compliment yours website and link with them so you provide better service to your target group and expand your marketing income.

Once you have done all your research you are ready to build a successful Malaysia Website Design.

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