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Help media manager flash uploader not working

The flash uploader is broken in 1.7.0 because the Flash file is outdated.

    Solution: replace in media/system/swf/ with this file:

 Steps to Activate your Flash Upload Feature

1.  Login to your Joomla 1.7 Administrator backend

2.  Click on Content, Media Manager

3.  Click on ‘Options’ button on the right

4.  In the Media Manager Options window, set

            Enable flash uploader = Yes

            Click on ‘Save & Close’


media_manager Help media manager flash uploader not working

The Problem With the Flash Upload Feature:

5.  Scroll to the bottom of the Media Manager window and you will see a section that says “Upload files (Maximum Size: 10 MB)”

6.  Click on the ‘Browse Files’ button

7.  The button will not do anything.  That means there is an problem with Flash Upload

creat_floder Help media manager flash uploader not working

The Fix for the Flash Upload Feature:

As the solution says in the message from Joomla above, we have to replace the SWF file in the media/system/swf folder.    Below are instructions on how to replace this file:

9.  Right click on the link:

11. Login to your Control Panel File Manager or Filezilla to access your backend files

file_manager Help media manager flash uploader not working

12.  The left window is your PC, the right window is your website file manager

13.  On the right side, navigate to the folder:  media/system/swf Joomla 1.7 - Go to Uploader.swf file location on Right side

swf_uploader Help media manager flash uploader not working

14.  Rename the uploader.swf to uploader.swf.old

15.  On the left side (PC) side, navigate to where you saved the file in Step 2.

16.  Drag over the downloaded file uploader.swf from left panel to the right panel to upload the new file to your website.

file_manager_uploading Help media manager flash uploader not working

 Test your Flash Uploader:

So now your Joomla 1.7 Flash uploader is fixed.  To test it out, just go to your Media Manager in Steps 1-7 and click on the ‘Browse Files’ button.  Now the file manager should show up and you can select multiple files to upload.

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