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How to Make an Automatic Link-Bait Web Page For Your Site

A blog or a website can be easily lost amongst the ocean of websites that are out there, so you need to take extra steps to ensure that it stands out and grabs the attention of readers instead of being ignored and buried by the excess. This is where Backlinks and Social networking sites become vital to improving your website’s performance, by way of creating the ideal link bait.

What exactly is Link Bait?
Link Bait is anything that it interesting or attention-grabbing on a website that encourages link backs from other websites. Interesting content, useful tools or popular downloads can work well as link baits, and they are very important for search engine rankings because majority of search engines use backlinks as a key factor when ranking sites.

Link baiting is more than just writing an article with a convincing call to action, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

1. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find out which keywords people use to search for things that are relevant to your site or product.

2. Create a catchy headline under 150 characters, and use headline (H1) and header tags (H2 and H3) to great effect. You need to ensure that your chosen keywords are always at the front, and keep the title of your page relevant to the content. You should also try to ensure that your H1 is unique for every page.

Always remember the correct HTML placement for headers, which is inside the <body></body> tags of a document, and should appear first before relevant content segments.

3. Use a catchy image and a caption that contains the keywords you want to target. Make sure to fill out every single image field with the required basic information.

4. In your first or opening paragraph, discuss how the article will benefit the reader in a positive, encouraging, and natural tone (avoid sounding like a fake infomercial).

5. In your second paragraph, think of a way to convince them to keep on reading. Either with the usual “stay tuned for more” phrase or some other effective teaser.

6. In your third paragraph, give out useful tips and information that will be interesting and beneficial to the reader, and follow it up by offering your assistance in any way possible.

7. Offer free stuff. It will help build your rapport with the reader, and is also a more effective and honest means of getting their info or email address.

9. The ever important call to action. Make sure it appears near the top of the page, where it becomes the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. Avoid making it look spammy, and put yourself in the reader’s shoes – make sure it is something that you yourself would want to click.

10. Multimedia – Use Google videos and Youtube to your advantage. Both services are free and provide very powerful means of getting your point across. Share a video in your page. There are a lot of people who prefer watching a video than reading a huge wall of text, so you will be able to capture their interest without letting go of the usual audience if you put a catchy video in your article.

Last but not the least – use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to promote and share your article. If you use WordPress for your site, you can take advantage of plug-ins like GetSocial, which loads floating “share” controls on your entries. If you are using a different CMS, you can use or instead.

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