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Search Marketing tips for Beginners

If you want to make the most of your SEO budget, you need to learn the techniques that will improve the net gains on your optimisation investment on searh engine optimization, as well as know the methods that are frowned upon by search engines.

Learn SEO Important Advice

1. There is a very good reason why the adage ‘content is king’ is still being touted these days. Remember that SEO is useless if your website doesn’t provide anything useful to the visitors.

2. You will have no use for website traffic if all the visitors do is vandalize your site. Do not risk your online reputation just to get top ranking in search engine results by using blackhat method.

3. A website is primarily for humans and not for search robots or search engine robot. Do not sacrifice the user experience for the sake of SEO and unrelated SEO services. Even if it works, you will only be successful in alienating the people who see your site.

4. Google is not the end all and be all of search engines. It’s the biggest in the industry, but do not disregard smaller alternative search engines. Sure, alternative search engines may only account for a fraction compared to Google’s userbase, but that is only a small amount when compared to Google – it’s still millions of search queries ripe for the picking because different countries have different browser preference.

Targeted Keywords in SEO and Keywords Selection Process

5. Corner keywords doing targeted keyword research that are relevant to your goals. Do not make the mistake of increasing your traffic with popular but unrelated keywords. Capturing the attention of people who are not interested in what you are offering is a waste of time and resources that you could otherwise devote somewhere else.

6.  Majority of companies will benefit from optimizing for local searches, as it brings more relevant traffic that is more likely to be converted for local using Google Local.

7. Do not be afraid to use tools that will help to monitor the quality and volume of search terms that are bringing traffic to your site, such as Google Analytics.

Optimizing the Website Layout and Design for SEO Website

8. Avoid flooding your site with Flash applets and animations. Not all visitors will be able to see it, and it has no use in SEO. Robot doesn’t read flash so you wouldn’t be able to get ant top ranking on the search engine.

9. Use alternative text for images. It gives spiders something more to index, and helps users with visual impairment or slow connections.

10. Ensure that the content in your site is unique and is not copied from external and internal sources from article directories, press release, blog and etc. Keep in mind that almost all search engines will penalize your rank if it detects content that is redundant or padded.

Blogging DOs and DONTs for Blogging in Business

11. There is such a thing as ‘negative publicity’, so don’t post provocative or offensive content just for the sake of getting traffic. Post these things only if it goes with the overall image or concept of your website, and if you can withstand the potential negative feedback.

12. Write normally. Do not force key phrases into your text at the cost of breaking grammar rules just to ‘game’ search engine results. You may get extra traffic for doing so, but what little traffic you get from humans will be useless as they will be put off.

13. Engage and encourage sharing of thoughts and discussion amongst your users. It’s not enough to simply bring them to your site, you have to encourage them to stay and keep returning – and you can do this by making your site the hub of interactivity.

14. Last but not the least, be creative,  unique and  interesting connecting with  customers on social media. You won’t be able to convert traffic if all you have to show are SEO content that is practically useless to humans that does not bring any value.

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