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SEO Tips for Viral Video Marketing

Over the past few years, most online marketers are using Search Engine Optimization or SEO to have a stronger online presence when it comes to its search engine ranking. In fact, it is one of their priorities and one way to continuously have a high ranking over your competitors is using SEO video and video sharing websites such as If you are interested in video marketing then here are some useful tips for you and your company.

Use Keywords in the Video
Just like any other article or in creating webpages, online videos must have specific keyword titles so that the video would rank high in video sharing sites. If the title is poor, even if the content is nice and appropriate then, it will not rank high in both Search Engines and Youtube.

Keywords and Tags  In the Video
Tag the video with the keywords and phrases that are relevant and connected to the niche of the video. Doing so, it will increase the chances of the video to be seen. However, do not use the same tag in each video to avoid any consequences.

Optimize Video In the Video
Descriptions on the video are an important key to the SEO and it has to be optimized. Never forget to make use of the opportunity to add your website’s url on the description. This could help improve the traffic of your website and use the available text space to add the keywords and key phrases to make the video search friendly.

Maximize the Channel In the Video
Online video sharing is an opportunity, businessmen should never fail to maximize. You can use the channel to introduce your brand by adding your URL or using phrases and keywords. By maximizing your channel, you generate more conversion, sharing and activity because you become more credible as well as trustworthy.
Transcripts and Captions In the Video

 Did you know that the transcripts and the closed captions on online videos are helpful in SEO? They can be used as a sort of subtitle for Internet users who have problems in hearing. Also, when you add the keywords and key phrases here, it will make your video rank higher in the results.

Activity Generation In the Video
It is important to have an account in video sharing sites so that you could generate activity amongst other users and viewers. In fact, activity between users on the online video will make it more helpful in boosting the ranks in search engines. Comments, likes, subscribers, views and etc will help improve video ranking.

Update Videos In the Video
Never forget to update the video regularly. If the video is updated regularly, then it will be favorable for that video when it comes to search rankings. An updated video will have more views; it will also have a better chance of conversion rates.

Never Forget Social Media In the Video
The best way to share the video is using the social media. In fact, the video will be available to a wider audience; it will help the promotion of the video as well as the interaction with it. Sharing the videos on social networking sites will give the video a higher chance to appear on the first page of the results.

Sitemaps In the Video
If you want to share the location of your video content or using embedded videos fromBrightCove or Youtube, then it is important to use sitemaps. It is because Youtube videos are not automatically sitemapped to Using sitemaps will be a great boost for SEO.

If Possible Use All In the Video
If possible use all video sharing sites; indeed, youtube is popular and is used by many. However, if you use the video, content, keywords as well as URL on all video sharing seo websites, then it will further improve your SEO.

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