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Top Mistakes On OnPage Optimization Made By Most Leading Websites

Many top companies that have a strong presence in the search rankings aren’t aware that their methods aren’t exactly flawless when it comes to executing on page optimization. Somehow, even the leading websites across the globe make some common SEO mistakes. Here are some of their mistakes.

Cryptic URLs
The ideal URLs must be concise, easy to remember and descriptive. However, some of these websites prefer, ID-generated URLS that aren’t helpful at all, whether in SEO or for clients or viewers. Instead of, other websites Sometimes the cryptic URLs become long and messier. It is important to have full control in URL names – make it easier to remember and never forget to add the keywords.

Multiple Home URLS
This is one of the common website mistakes found in the Internet. It is so common that many leading websites in the world fail to avoid this mistake. Once users click a certain logo or homepage link, instead of being sent back to the root page or domain, users are sent to another exact same webpage on a different URL like with www/ without www on the homepage.

Tags and Meta Descriptions are Poor
Unfortunately, not all websites have the chance to edit their title tags and meta descriptions. However, there are some who have the opportunity to do so and this could be helpful in generating better rankings. If given the chance, then it would be best to craft tags and meta descriptions that are enticing and noticeable so that it would attract more viewers. Somehow, many of the leading websites who have this opportunity fail to achieve this.

No Contents or Reviews from Use
It is important to add extra content for your website and hands-down one good way is having reviews and contents from users. Since it is all about the product, this submitted content could provide additional unique content that would increase the website’s page ranking.

Lack of Content and Image Based
Somehow, these websites are struggling in having more content on some parts of their site. For instance, some websites lack descriptive content on their product pages. This could have helped the website further by adding content that would provide more details regarding the product they are selling. Instead of content, they fill the product pages with images of the product and this is one of the on page mistakes made by websites.

Transforming Search Results into Category Pages
Sometimes the category pages have no content; instead these pages are transformed in to search results page. Indeed, it can be helpful to those customers, but it could have been more helpful to search engines if they have a few descriptions under each categories. Category pages without description are one of the optimization mistakes most online stores make.

Duplicate Content
Some websites have poor ranking in search engine results and one major reason is the duplicate content they have. Even if the website has multiple categories or the same products with others, they all have duplicate content whenever you search further in their site. Websites must avoid this, instead they must have detailed posts and contents in each page that exists.

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