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What Can Joomla Do?

Joomla, the content management system for websites, which is making huge inroads into the world wide web, can be put to work and made to do almost anything you want it to.

A Content Management System manages content- by bringing together the different building blocks required to assemble a page for the visitor. The building blocks can be articles,menus modules, components and plugins- each plays a unique role in the creation of the web page your visitor sees, and ultimately interacts with- on your website.

The building blocks of the website are specified individually and called in at the ultimate discretion of the website owner- and under the command of the visitor- to create the finished "Web Page".

It doesn't end there.

Making Joomla Websites Fantastic - Customizing with Joomla Extensions

Joomla, by its very nature, can be customized, accessorized and monetized to your heart's desire. Joomla websites can run booking systems, host blogs, provide portals, online communities, blogs and shopping-cart superstores, as well as lots more.

The website administrator can assign permissions to visitors, and those lower down in the food chain from the Administrator level. The actions can be regulated, so for example- a casual vistor couldn't change the prices on your "Prices" page, and send you broke!

Joomla provides the platform, and Jacarlin builds the complete website solution for your end needs. We can provide any imaginable level of customising within the Joomla space- our Malaysia Web Site Design team can even write custom applications precisely for your business, to help you achieve exactly the look and functionality level you need within your new Joomla website.

Interested? Complete our convenient Contact Form and let us listen to your ideas. After all, we are the Joomla experts, and we can turn your ideas into reality.

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