If you browse a Joomla web site, content that is not for public users returns the following message: "You are not authorized to view this resource." This plugin redirects users to either a login page, registration form or custom URL, instead of returning the standard Joomla message.

This extension will include a css file in all joomla pages. It supports css inclusion for different browsers

When i look ate K2 forum and another forum i always saw people talking about k2 approval process, so i decide to develop one extension to help people
its take lots of time to understand k2 plugin system and developing something useful.
this plugin work in 2 situation front end and back-end.
and also work with 3 different groups users:

1. Users that just can submit articles and can't publish.
2. Users that just can manage articles and can't publish.
3. Admin that can full access on articles and can publish.

if user submit article in front end, this plugin can send notification to email that defined in admin section of plugin.
if user try to open submitted article in back-end, there is an option to approve or reject this article and notify to article submitter by comment.
if approve select, plugin change ownership of selected item to selected admin and send email to notify.
if reject select, plugin send email notify to last article owner.

so with this three step admin not need to check for spelling and grammatical error because manager do this kind of staff and admin just publish item.

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